About us

Hi! My name is James Edgar and I am the sole proprietor of Allett Canada! 

After mowing for many years with a standard 20" push reel, I wanted more. It became apparent that there was nothing available domestically, so I went soul searching and spent countless hours researching which machine was going to be the best for my home lawn.

It was during this time that I met Dave Allett. Founded in Britain, the Allett brand of professional walk-behind cylinder mowers provides people with expertly built and reliable machines that produce an effortless first-class finish to every lawn. 

Dave explained that Allett Mowers sells machines through a dealer network and that there was no dealer in Canada. This pointed out a serious gap between the push reel mowers available at the hardware store and the prohibitively expensive commercial cylinder mowers. After learning about this and the quality and uniqueness of Allett products, I saw an opportunity.

Canadian Reel Mower

Fast forward several months and a few dozen zoom calls later to when a Kensington17B showed up in Ottawa, Ontario. It exceeded all expectations and set into motion a landmark moment for Canadian homeowners that take their turf seriously. 

Canadian Cylinder Mower

Allett Canada is now the sole Canadian dealer of Allett Mowers. We are excited to help Canadians experience an Allett mower firsthand and achieve their lawn and turf dreams.

Cylinder Mower Canada