The Differences Between a Liberty 35 and Liberty 43

We've been asked this question a lot lately with customers trying to distinguish the difference between the two Liberty Mower machines. Here are the main differences....
  1. The Liberty 35 is a 14'' machine based on the Allett Classic. The Liberty 43 is a 17'' machine based on the Allett Kensington
  2. The Liberty 35 is designed for lawns up to 150²- The Liberty 43 is designed for lawn up to 280m² and will give you wider stripes
  3. The Liberty 35 is only really designed to take the scarifier cartridge whereas the Liberty 43 takes ALL the cartridges- theres a reason for this....see point 4
  4. The Liberty 35 has 5 pre-set heights of cut plus S for scarifying. The Liberty 43 has incremental heights of cut meaning you can change the height of cut between the 5 pre-set heights (4+S for scarifying)
  5. The Liberty 35 comes with a 5 blade cartridge. The Liberty 43 comes with a 6 blade- so a much finer cut.
  6. The Liberty 35 handlebars have 2 height positions. The Liberty 43 has 3 height positions.
  7. The Liberty 35 grassbox is just 32 litres whereas the Liberty 43 is 62 litres meaning you won't have to empty AS much
  8. The front roller on the Liberty 35 is polyethylene whereas the roller on the Liberty 43 is steel
  9. The Liberty 35 is 26.5kg. The Liberty 43 is much heavier at 38.5kg however still light enough to manoevre and lift. The extra weight will help create a stronger stripe.
  10. There is 1 year warranty with the Liberty 35 whereas the warranty on the Liberty 43 is 2 years.
  11. There is no grass rake on the Liberty 35. The Liberty 43 has a grass rake behind the front roller that helps stand grass upright ahead of cutting. It also helps create a stronger stripe.
  12. The Liberty 35 (86dB) is ever so slightly noisier than the Liberty 43 (84dB)
  13. The Liberty 35 has a single roller. The Liberty 43 has a double section rear roller which reduces the risk of scuffing the lawn when turning.

 Find the Liberty 43 Here.        Find the Liberty 35 Here.

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