Winter is officially here - time to start your Spring Lawn planning

The focal point of any garden is the lawn. It is what ultimately helps make your garden stand out from the rest. Mowing the grass and making sure the lawn is fed with fertiliser will help eliminate any bare patches, ugly weeds and moss - but this is just scratching the surface of what you can do to make your lawn the best on the block. 


Coming out of a blisteringly cold winter there are some things you might want to do this spring to make sure your lawn grows strong for the upcoming summer.

First and foremost, probably one of the most important tasks to perform: mowing your lawn. Obviously, you need to cut your grass when it grows. Normally in the Spring, you can be cutting your lawn once a week (or maybe even more frequently as the weather heats up).

The aim in the Spring is to try and keep your lawn at the same length throughout the season, so pick a height you like and stick to it, but be careful not to cut too short. This can result in weakened grass, which is one of the quickest ways weeds and moss can take hold and spoil parts of your lawn. If you want to get the most out of your Allett cylinder mower this spring, setting 3 (26 mm) is the perfect height of cut.

Top Tip: If you want to take things really seriously for the stripe competition this summer here’s a bit of advice: Most lawns should be cut at about 2.5 to 4 cm. For damaged lawns that have taken a lot of wear and tear over the winter, 5cm, and even higher at 7.5cm for lawns covered by a lot of shade.

Get prepared for this year’s Lawn Stripe Competition early. If you need any motivation take a look at last years winner!



Weeds and moss can be a real pain when they creep up on you. Any lawn that is properly looked after and kept healthy should be able to deal with these invaders pretty easily.

When lawns aren’t strong enough to deal with weeds and moss invasions, one of the most common solutions  is a weedkiller. These products contain ingredients that can control most weeds but can sometimes damage your lawn as well. At Allett Canada we recommend taking the horticultural route to manage these issues. 

Scarification and Dethatching

Allett Scarifier



Allett Scarifier Cartridge

Our spring-tine scarifier cartridge gently removes moss/thatch as an in-season treatment and also attacks/ disturbs coarse grass and creeping weeds, and is ideal for any lawn that is suffering. The scarifier cartridge can be used all year round and is an alternative to our dethatcher cartridge that is much more aggressive

Check out the Allett Scarifier in action!


Take a closer look at the Kensington range or find out more information on the variety of homeowner range accessories to make sure your grass the treatment it deserves! If you’d like more information of how to keep your lawn looking the best stay tuned! We will be working on a 2021 Lawn care calendar so you can follow along at home. 

If you’re interested but are unsure about which mower would be best for your needs comment below or chat with one of our experts – we’d love to hear from you!

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