Allett Kensington Vs. Allett Buckingham

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Today I would like to answer a frequently asked question. What’s the difference between the Kensington 20B and the Buckingham 20H? For those of you who would prefer a video, here it is! Scroll down for the write up. 


The Allett Kensington 20B and the Buckingham 20H are both beautifully designed and manufactured lawn mowers. They are built to mow lawns with a 20" cutting width. Both machines also operate using 6 bladed cylinder cutting systems and are powered by petrol engines.

However, despite these somewhat obvious similarities, the Buckingham is in fact more than twice the price than the Kensington. Let's take a look at why.


The biggest difference between the two machines is the fact the Kensington offers the interchangeable cartridge system whereas the Allett Buckingham does not. You can find a video on the Allett cartridge system HERE Achieving a beautiful lawn involves more than just mowing.

The Buckingham is considered to be a semi-professional lawn mower and is the perfect stepping stone towards the professional range machines. It will withstand heavy duty use better than a Kensington, but not as much as a more expensive professional mower. The Buckingham has a strong long lasting heritage and was previously known as the Atco Royale. The predecessor of that machine was the ATCO Standard, which celebrated 100 years in 2021. Some of these are still in use. 

The Buckingham is heavy, robust, accurate, and is very easy to use. A major difference between these two machines is the weight. The Kensington 20B weighs in at 56.6kg, which delivers a prominent stripe to any grass lawn whereas the Buckingham weighs in at 103kg. The Buckingham has received twice the amount of steel and engineering from the Allett team to help it deliver heavy-duty, chain driven performance. The heavier the machine the stronger and longer lasting the stripe. Whilst the Buckingham 20H is double the weight it is in fact faster than the Kensington 20B. This will allow you to cover more area in less time while still delivering striking lawn stripes as a result of its much heavier weight.

The Buckingham is fitted with a Honda 196cc GX200 engine which has plenty of power to pull a trailing seat and its occupant. The Kensington B is fitted with a 127cc XR550 Briggs + Stratton petrol engine. Whilst both mowers are equipped with nice reliable engines, the Kensington has approximately 2.5hp whilst the Buckingham goes up to 6hp. The Buckingham is an all-around more robust machine and is suited to cover large areas of more than 450m² in about the same time it would take the Kensington to cover 350m².

When it comes to covering these areas the height of the cut you can achieve whilst using these machines can vary very slightly depending on which machine you choose. The Kensington can deliver a height of 6mm to 32mm. This is the same height which can be achieved by other mowers in the Allett homeowner range, like the Classic Petrol and Liberty ranges for example. The Buckingham delivers a height of cut between 5mm and 35mm. The rear roller on the Buckingham is heavy steel and is covered in a ribbed bonded rubber that aids traction and enables the operator to drive it over gravel and travel up hills in wet conditions with the trailing seat attached- the Kensington does not take the trailing seat.

Both rollers are split so that when we turn at the end of the garden we don't scuff the turf. The rear roller on the Kensington is a double section steel rear roller with differential. The handlebars on the Kensington fold allowing you to store it away in your garage nice and compactly whereas the Buckingham handlebars do not fold.

We hope that gave you a bit of a brief overview of the similarities and differences between the Kensington 20B and the Buckingham 20H. If you are a homeowner or semi-pro gardener looking to progress to the professional range machines than the Buckingham is the step up for you.

If you would like to know more about either of these two mowers, you can click here to learn more about the Kensington. Or, click here to learn more about the Buckingham

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